All donations goes directly and in full to ARIF, the microfund and the beneficiaries. Keep in mind that even as little as 10 USD (77 SEK) can help someone start an income-generating activity.

You also have the choice to earmark if you want your money to go to a specific purpose - that is entirely up to you and we will account for that. In this case, don't forget to add that to the transaction. Also say who it is from so that we can handle it properly.

If you want your organisation, company or name to be listed on the sponsor side, we will accomodate that. Just let us know!

We will update continously with sponsors, partners and purposes. 

You can always contact us with questions and ideas about sponsorship. We are happy to hear from you!

Any money you choose to donate will contribute to a loan. When the loan is paid back, your money will be used for another loan and so on, as in circular economy. 

There are many ways to help us!

Ask us and we will help you

Donate by Swish

Swish telephone number: 1236233225

Only available in Sweden

Donate from other countries

Acohof Rural Investment Fund

Account Name: ACOHOF Sweden

Bank Name: SEB (Skandivaviska Enskilda Banken)

Branch Location: Stockholm Sweden

Account Type: Giro Account Number: 517-3703